SFX 2 Sound FX VST has landed.

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  • 34 patches
  • solid host in VST
  • 1211 sound effects
  • value $99

34 sound categories. 1211 sound effects. Right inside your

Sound FX VST Vol.2

Tired of hundreds of SFX sound packs and “missing file” issues inside your DAW? Use this rare Sound FX VST Vol.2

  • sounds are inside the VST
  • huge SFX library
  • 1211 sound effects
  • well categorized patches
  • 34 patches
  • mapped across the keyboard
  • easy navigation
  • quick preview
  • instantly playable
  • for PC & MAC

Huge library of most popular sound FX is now in one solid place. Quickly find your favorite sound and start your creative journey. Sound FX VST Vol.2 is the next release to my previous free FX1 instrument.

What it is?

Sound FX VST Vol.2 is like a regular VST instrument. Very simple, convenient and easy to use. All sound FX are carefully selected, systemized, polished and categorized by topics and divided to the corresponding patches. Every patch contains up to 4-5 octaves of samples. As the sound effects are spread across the keyboard, it is very easy and really quick way to search and find your favorites. You can instantly play them with your midi keyboard and get quick creative and random ideas.

This is a really rare VST instrument on the market right now. Usually if you are looking for some SFX stuff for your project then only choice you have is the “sound pack” and a bunch of samples you can easily lose as “missing files”.

But in many cases you would like to have one solid station that holds all your SFX samples in one fixed place. No need to worry about file locations, renaming or rearranging directory names etc. You can be sure you never lose them.

Shortly: no “missing files” anymore and a huge collection of most popular sound effects are now in one solid place.

Some producers also prefer to work only with MIDI and with VST instruments. They don’t want any additional wav files into their workflow. In that case, this SFX VST is absolutely a must have tool.

Technical stuff

Sound FX VST Vol.2 instrument is about 715MB in file size, it has mostly stereo samples and it loads quickly into your DAW. Current digital download (zip file) contains both versions, PC and MAC

All sound FX came from royalty free resources from a wide range of providers from different libraries.

The starting point of samples is always note 36 (C2) This instrument also has the basic controls like Poly, Mono, ADSR, Pitch, Reverb, etc.

How to download?
Press yellow button “Buy with PayPal”, Insert your details, complete transaction. Download link will be sent to you. Download your files. It’s that quick and easy.

PS! In any questions, please feel free to email me at slapassound@gmail.com
And if you really need these sfx just as wav files, then let me know and I will help.

Sound structure inside?

sfx NOISE - 19 sounds
sfx RUB - 43 sounds
sfx SIGNAL alarm - 38 sounds
sfx SIGNAL horn - 35 sounds
sfx SPORT ball - 51 sounds
sfx SPORT hit - 61 sounds
sfx SPORT moto - 48 sounds
sfx SPORT various - 45 sounds
sfx SWISH swoosh - 27 sounds
sfx SWISH sword - 13 sounds
sfx SWISH zip - 22 sounds
sfx TELECOM noise - 30 sounds
sfx TELECOM tone - 40 sounds
sfx TELECOM windows - 28 sounds
sfx TOOLS drill&saw - 60 sounds
sfx TOOLS hand - 57 sounds
sfx TOOLS power - 51 sounds
sfx TRANSPORT air - 24 sounds
sfx TRANSPORT car - 36 sounds
sfx TRANSPORT motor - 36 sounds
sfx TRANSPORT rails - 36 sounds
sfx WAR heavy - 20 sounds
sfx WAR light - 26 sounds
sfx WATER bubbles - 10 sounds
sfx WATER running - 26 sounds
sfx WATER sea - 15 sounds
sfx WATER splash - 26 sounds
sfx WATER various - 15 sounds
sfx VINYL - 56 sounds
sfx VOICE crowd - 23 sounds
sfx VOICE kids - 35 sounds
sfx VOICE laugh - 60 sounds
sfx VOICE sexy - 27 sounds
sfx VOICE short - 30 sounds
sfx VOICE words - 61 sounds

What is the price?

Regular price of the software is $99



SFX 2 - 3 MONTHS guarantee

I'm so sure you will like my product, so I will offer you 3 months (90 day money back) guarantee. What ever your reason is and you feel you do not like it, I will pay your money back. No questions asked.

Email: marko@slapassound.com

Phone: +372 511 9771

Location: Tallinn, ESTONIA

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