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No "missing file" issues anymore. All common sound effects inside one solid VST. This is for you, bedroom producer!

SFX 2 Sound FX VST has landed.

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  • 34 patches
  • solid host in VST
  • 1211 sound effects


Neverending STORY

I have always been an inventor, experimenting with new things, making music as a child, building audio equipment, synthesizers and guitars.

You can do many other things in the meantime in life, but at some point you keep coming back to the things that interested you the most as a child.

That happened to me too. I came back to the field of computer music and based on my needs I came up with special VST instruments for sound effects.

Ask me anything

Whatever your reason is, please feel free to contact me anytime. In Estonia we have +02 GMT, so if Im not answering, then probably it`s because I`m sleeping another side of the world :)

Email: marko@slapassound.com

Phone: +372 511 9771

Location: Tallinn, ESTONIA

My favourite artists and sound creators

Here's where you can discover some of my favorite folks and websites on YouTube who offer incredibly valuable content.