Just in case you come up with a crazy idea that you would like to support this weird developer from tiny Estonia, go ahead! Your life, your decisions :)


My AI Jackson

VALUE $49 (grab today, free forever)

AI powered vocal starvoice VST instrument you never seen before.

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Basic features and BENEFITS

  • 15 presets (10 oneshots, 5 sustained)
  • 450 unique AI generated samples
  • layered across the keyboard
  • playable range C2-F4 (notes nr.48-77)
  • 30 AI generated voices per preset
  • pitch, pan, gain, reverb, adsr.
  • really simple and easy to use
  • dont forget to add reverb :) Valhalla is good!
  • plug & play
  • for all DAW-s
  • for PC and MAC

AI Jackson in action VIDEO

Frequently asked questions

1. Really for free? What`s the catch?

Yes! This software is absolutely free. No limitations, no hidden hooks. You can use it free forever. But of course, you are right and I understand if you are a bit suspicious. Somehow I must earn some money too, to develop further ideas that can make musicians happy.

Therefore I also launched sound effects VST-s (Vol.1 for free and Vol.2 paid version) So if you ever need solid and compact SFX VST solution, you can consider a contribution.

2. Can I use it both on PC and MAC?

Yes. Your free download contains both versions. You can run it on your Windows or Mac computer. Your dowload comes as a ZIP file and it contains PC and Mac versions. Choose what you need and put unzipped folder where you keep your regular VST instruments.

3. What it is and what it contains?

My AI Jack is AI powered vocal instrument (rompler). It contains 15 presets. Each preset contains 30 different sound samples. All together this instrument has 450 AI generated starvoice samples based on free vocal models.

4. What makes it so unique?

To create vocal instrument, usually you can pick one sample and spread it across the keyboard. But as a result you will get not pleasant chipmunk effect at higher notes and so called monster voice at low end.

This uniquie VST uses AI voice modelling and free vocal models. As a result we can create a presets which will sound more like human voice and imitate real celebrity vocals.

5. What's the story behind it?

As always, it all started with my own needs.

I started to experiment with these vocal presets back in 2018. I had an idea to use acapellas and I choosed different vocal one shots from there to get a playable patch.

But the results were not as good as I wanted because the difference between the samples was to big and the presets were not too smooth to play. You can test these experiments yourself if you subscribe to freebies on my website and wait until the free "VOX" vst will land in to your email inbox.

So, the long story short. Finally the AI came and changed the whole perspective here how I can make these real voice vocal presets. So they can be playable and more enjoyable.

But of course, finally you will decide it. Do you like them or not.

6. For whom this SFX VST is made for?

Most of all this instrument is meant for hobbie musicians, so called "bedroom producers" But of course, anyone can make use of it. Whether you are already a BIG pro or just a beginner, it doesn't matter.


As we are just starting up please forgive me about these funny testimonials. I promise I will add some real reviews very soon.

If I were still alive, I would jump on the board straight away! Such an amazing VST instrument!



If I wasn't the author of this plugin and website and I saw it for the first time, I would be immediately interested! :)



I realize that I can't test it anymore but I feel I'm already in love with this astonishing software!



From where? - ESTONIA


If you ever come here in your life and see this wonderful Estonian nature, you will immediately fall in love with it. That's a promise.


Although it is very beautiful here, it is often cold and crisp. But a wonderful Estonian sauna helps with that!


Although it may not be the richest country in terms of its assets, it is home to very happy people who know how to create new values that benefit the whole world.

Tallinn - The City of Sound


Neverending STORY

I have always been an inventor, experimenting with new things, making music as a child, building audio equipment, synthesizers and guitars.

You can do many other things in the meantime in life, but at some point you keep coming back to the things that interested you the most as a child.

That happened to me too. I came back to the field of computer music and based on my needs I came up with special VST instruments for sound effects.

Ask me anything

Whatever your reason is, please feel free to contact me anytime. In Estonia we have +02 GMT, so if Im not answering, then probably it`s because I`m sleeping another side of the world :)

Email: marko@slapassound.com

Phone: +372 511 9771

Location: Tallinn, ESTONIA

Your satisfaction GUARANTEED!


As a free instrument, there is no money back guarantee :) But you can be sure that satisfaction is guaranteed and you will find really useful AI voice instrument for your next project.

Grab your free My AI Jack VST here, forever!







Email: marko@slapassound.com

Phone: +372 511 9771

Location: Tallinn, ESTONIA