Unique Drum VST rompler for instant drum remakes

Inside BANG BOX, you can effortlessly discover the perfect sounds for hi-hats, snares, kicks, toms, and other percussion elements. The sounds are well organized and spread across the MIDI keyboard. For example, one preset is exclusively for hi-hats, allowing you to swiftly locate the ideal sound you need. The same systematic approach applies to other presets like snares, kicks, and more.

Basic features and BENEFITS

  • no learning curve
  • 36 presets
  • drum preset
  • percussion preset
  • stab preset
  • over 1000 samples
  • for any DAW | PC and MAC
  • for pro & "bedroom"



What it is and what it contains?

BANG BOX is a VST instrument (rompler). It contains 36 presets. Each preset contains many different percussion samples layered across the virtual keyboard.

What's the story behind?

As always, it all started with my own needs. I wanted to create song covers, but all drum instruments were based on the so-called "drum set." This means that if you change the preset, all other sounds will also change - drums, hi-hats, kicks, etc. I just wanted to quickly change only one instance. With Bang Box, you can seamlessly and very quickly find the right percussion sound you need without affecting the other drum sounds you have already chosen.

For whom this Bang Box is made for?

Anyone who wants to create or recreate any percussion track quickly. Good for musicians who make a lot of remakes or song covers and seeking the right match for original sound.

Most of all this instrument is meant for hobbie musicians, so called "bedroom producers" But of course, anyone can make use of it. Whether you are already a BIG pro or just a beginner, it doesn't matter.

Can I use it on both PC and Mac?

Yes. Your free download contains both versions. You can run it on your Windows or Mac computer. Your dowload comes as a ZIP file and it contains PC and Mac versions. Choose what you need and put unzipped folder where you keep your regular VST instruments.

Works for every DAW

PC & MAC compatible



Most useful drum and percussion sounds for your next project.


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Bang Box VST instrument


Anthony Mauro
Hi Marko, I am loving everything you make, the sounds are so well made and right up front and thank you for your generosity.

United States | January 30, 2024


😀 Thank you!! Awesome!

South Africa | January 21, 2024

Stefan Kengen

"👏Hey Marko! Thanks a lot.
It's not that I don't already have 1000s of samples (and many of the ones you have collected too),
but the way you made it simple to browse them and find stuff quickly and easily is just great!
So free and very cheap was a no-brainer!"

Denmark, Copenhagen | January 20, 2024

Shane Krause

Thanks mate - you deserve all the success in the world

France | January 18, 2024

Akira Takasugi

You are the best sound creator! 👍

Japan | January 12, 2024


"Man, I just gotta get this off my heart. Thank you for every single plug-in and joke you've shared. Your bringing out soooo many plug-in at such a high rate, that i cant even keep up with all these new instruments I can try out.

You are amazing and your personality is one of the things that just puts the cherry on the top. I have never seen a company ever before, that had such a entertaining and interesting personality.

Thank you, for every single E-Mail you've ever send to me, its always amazing to hear from "SlapAsSound". Have a great start to the new year and overall just a incredible day."

Germany | January 2, 2024 3:06 AM

Cern Cordero

"Very impressive!"

Svetoslav Atanasov

"Thank you Marko. These sound great and love the way they've been put into a vst instead of just a sound library folder!"

Richard Sugut Asselspaß

"The Quality is superior."

Ben Fury | Wow! Studios

"Awesome, Marko! Thank you so much! Wish I had something like SFX2 back in the day when I was doing SFX in Hollywood doing sound for animation!

Getting to PLAY Foley and SFX instead of copying and pasting them makes this kind of work fun instead of tedious."

Lebron Estrada

"Just wanted to tell you how awesome it is too.

The quality is super awesome."

90 day money back guarantee

"I promise that this Bang Box VST has the majority of percussion sounds you ever need in your production. However if you are not happy, I personally guarantee that you will get your money back. No questions asked"

Marko Karja





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